fitzleroi barn wedding

Wedding Questionnaire

I would love to know a little bit about how you met and how and who proposed to who?
Name and number of someone i can contact - Who is reliable and will have their phone on them?
If you have one - Name, Number and Email address would be fab
Do you have any? How many? If I could know their names too that would be fab!
I usually like to call upon the guys to help me out rounding people up for any group shots you may have, so do let me know of anyone in particular who would be good at this! A loud voice is helpful!
How many to the day?
Do you have any separate evening guests? How many, what time are the arriving?
What time would you like me to start? For a full day I usually start 2 - 3 hours before the ceremony.
If you're having getting ready shots, who is getting ready at address 1 and where is it?
If you have booked 2 photographers or if we have discussed the possibility of me capturing both - who is getting ready here and where?
If not getting ready at the same Ceremony location - what time will you be leaving? I usually leave 10 - 15 minutes before you to capture the guests before capturing your arrival.
What time will you be seated and when will the speeches be?
If you have a cake, will you cut it? When?
What time will your first dance be? Anything special I should know about?
I recommend keeping your group shot list to 6 - 8 different groups and I usually suggest allowing 5 minutes per group shot to ensure we have enough time.
Please let me know if there is anything or anyone in particular you would like to make sure I capture?
If you have any other suppliers helping you, I would love to know who so that I can say Hi, before, during and after the Day. Videographer? Florist?, Venue Stylist etc
I should have all of your photos with you within 4 - 8 weeks (depending on time of year) Would you like a few sneak peeks within the first week after the wedding?
I find it's best to eat at the same time as you and your guests, as no one really wants photos of people filling their faces. A main meal and a non-alcoholic drink is all I need - so please don't feel obliged to treat me as a guest. I'm happy to be seated in another room as this is often when I will either start backing up your photos or writing your blog post! If it isn't possible to provide any food, it's no problem, just let me know and I'll sort something out.
Are you going away on honeymoon straight after the wedding? When will you be back?
Where would you like me to send your USB to? It doesn't fit through a letter box but I do always try to send so that it will arrive with you on a weekend.