Sussex pre wedding shoot / Ewhurst woods

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I often get told by many of the couples I meet that they are nervous and unnatural in front of the camera. Which i always tell them is a completely normal way to feel, most of us don't enjoy having our picture taken and many of us don't like the way we look in photos. One way i suggest at putting minds at ease ahead of the big day is to have a pre wedding shoot. Pre wedding shoots are a great way to settle those camera nerves and also a way of getting to know how your photographer shoots. For me as a mainly documentary style photographer I tend to stand back and let the magic happen on its own, with just a few choice words here and there to settle nerves and to get the chat and laughter going. Many people’s perception of wedding photography is standing being told where to place feet, hands, head and being physically maniu

pulated into place. That for me is not fun and not much fun for the couple either and can only creates awkwardness and unnatural poses.

So when I first met Laura and Carl and Laura explained how she absolutely hated being photographed I suggested doing a pre wedding shoot which they agreed to. So a few months later we headed to a favorite spot of Carl's, Ewhurst woods near Horsham and what a fabulous choice of location it was. With Carl knowing the area well we headed to the most amazing lookout point, with views reaching far across to North Downs. We strolled and chatted and at times I walked alongside or ran forward or held behind to get varying angles and shots of the couple walking arm in arm, chatting.

Once at the look out point with Laura and Carl more relaxed i got a few more gently directed posed shots of them before heading back.

Whilst I don’t think I can say Laura completely enjoyed the experience, she did most definitely agree that she felt more comfortable in front of the camera and would totally recommend pre wedding shoots.


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